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Benefits That SIP Trunking Brings To Your Business

SIP is the acronym for Session Initiation Protocol. Although development of the technology was initiated in 1996, it has now reached a great level of sophistication and its price benefits continue to rank it as one of the most viable communication technologies. SIP trunking runs on IP, you can either use a T1, DSL or cable modem for this kind of communication. However T1 is the best with reliable bandwidth since DSL and cable modems can be bottlenecks to efficient communication with their unstable speed acceleration, which drops unexpectedly.

This kind of trunking runs over IP networks, a functionality that makes it possible to eliminate costs incurred by separate services like multiple analog lines or ISDN PRI. Businesses are also enabled to extend their IP reach to mobile users and remote locations. Here are some great benefits that businesses can reap if they opt for SIP trunking.

The system enables amalgamation of data and voice. Merging them helps eliminate different connections for both data and voice transmissions. This will bring about the need for fewer infrastructures and this will consequently cut down investment and maintenance costs. Having the two communications modes run on the same channel also means the business will hire few management personnel and this reduces the expenses spent on employees.

PSTN gateways, BRIs, PRIs are not necessary when you opt for the SIP trunking. The elimination of the hardware systems lowers the telephony costs in considerable amounts. Since you will be running the system over IP only, you only need to have internet connectivity, which you might already have installed in the company premises.

All SIP calls are made via the internet inclusive of international calls. This is efficient in reducing the long distance telephony costs that might be taking up huge amounts in bills. For instance, someone making an international call will use the 001 international dialing code, which reroutes it to the SIP trunking host. SIP will then redirect the call to the closest access point. The call will be charged as if it were a local one, which is cheaper compared to long distance calls.

It would be appropriate if a company invested in the SIP trunking. You need to purchase the IP-BPX hardware if you do not have a VoIP system in your company environment. However, it is relatively easier for those companies with the PBX systems since they just need to pay a minimal fee to a provider who deploys the SIP system. You will be able to enjoy low cost global calls with the technology. Besides, merging both voice and data brings you to a new level of efficiency.

When selecting among the many SIP providers, you have to consider the distance of their location from your premises. A service provider who is located near your premises will be reliable when the system breaks down. This is in reference to response time, which takes longer if the service provider is located far away from the premises. You also have to consider their credibility; a good provider should be reputable among his/her clients.

If you have problems identifying the system providers who offer quality SIP trunking services, you can consider the following. A company, which has of late invested in the technology, would be a reliable source of information. You can inquire if they can recommend their service provider to you.

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